Who we are

Bioeconomy Smart Systems is the solutions provider for the agri-food sector with personalized products and services based on a circular bioeconomy, while offering comprehensive advisory assistance with a community and environmental focus.


To provide products and services with a circular bioeconomy and climate smart solutions focus for the agri-food industry through the synergy of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics technology applied to the flow of biomass residues and management of greenhouse gases (GHG).


To be a comprehensive associate and facilitator for local and regional transitions to a bio-based circular economy within a dialogue perspective of all the value chain’s stakeholders of the agri-food industry.


  • Establishment of Bioeconomy Smart Systems as a reliable and innovative company, both locally and internationally, with a clear understanding of both bio- and circular economy, strong work values and a diverse network of partners
  • Circular bioeconomy-based project planning for small producers, agricultural communities, start-ups and long-established companies
  • Identification and implementation of the most suitable digital tools for the client’s agricultural needs with the support of AI, big data, and ICTs
  • Manufacture of innovative bioeconomy-based products meeting the highest standards, environmentally-friendly and affordable for consumers
  • Education and training for practitioners, researchers, students, small producers, agricultural communities and the general public in bioeconomy topics, digital agriculture, trends and innovation, and research that support a sustainable development