Bioeconomy Smart Systems is the solutions provider for the agri-food sector with personalized products and services based on a circular bioeconomy, while offering comprehensive advisory assistance with a community and environmental focus.

Our Purpose

Put forth a transition model towards sustainable development, based on the engineering of renewable and recyclable products and services. At the same time, this will allow the very much sought-after balance among climate action, social justice and responsible economic growth through the participation of all actors involved in the agri-food value chain.


Our clients’ profile in the agri-food industry:

  • Agricultural Supply Provision
  • Small Scale Agriculture
  • Industrial Agriculture
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Food and Beverage Transportation
  • Food and Beverage Retailing
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Catering
  • Consumers

Sustainability Values:

Biodiversity Conservation and Preservation

Environmental Resources Protection and Management

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Cooperation for Community and Agricultural Development

Consultancy for BioBusinesses

We offer consultancy services for the development of products based on the utilization of residues coming from the agri-food sector as a source of raw materials. We specialize in functional foods and ingredients, biofertilizers and biopesticides, as well as biopaper and biofibers.

1. Identification

Resource identification and BioBusiness Pre-Design–Free of charge

2. Pre-Feasibility Study

Sustainable Pre-Feasibility Study and Planning

3. Development

Developing of the BioBusiness, launching and positioning

4. Evaluation

Evaluation and Monitoring – Free of charge


* The above-mentioned products are currently on an evaluation phase to test the performance of their ingredients prior to their retail.

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