Transformation of Agro-Residues into Biocircular Products

Bioeconomy Smart Systems offers solutions as a business accelerator through the planning and implementation of agricultural projects with a community and multiple stakeholder focus for the manufacturing of eco-products based on a circular bioeconomy, directed towards the utilization of agricultural residues from the agri-food sector. We achieve these results using big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and ICT tools (Information and Communication Technologies) in order to improve production and revalue residues for the further manufacture of products and materials with added-value, while reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). We specialize in functional foods and ingredients, biofertilizers and biopesticides, as well as biopaper and biofibers.

Our Solutions

1. Resource Identification and BioBusiness Pre-Design – Free of charge

  • Inventory of the biomass residue resource – for multiple potential uses
  • Analysis of various technical options based on primary and secondary data
  • Simulation model of the biomass forecast (software-based)
  • Summons of multiple stakeholders in the value chain of the project, such as: communities, municipalities, companies, and resource owners
  • Pre-feasibility study of the project: Costs and benefits
  • Concept, product pre-design and business modeling

2. Sustainable Pre-Feasibility Study and Planning

  • Community assessment and socio-economic impact analysis
  • Identifying potential environmental impacts
  • Defining the biomass residue resource, infrastructure and technologies to be used
  • Establishing the project location within the community’s boundaries
  • Specifying an operations and follow-up schedule
  • Sharing the sustainable feasibility of the project and preliminary proposal to stakeholders

3. Developing of the BioBusiness

  • Adaptation of the project to the local, national and regional legal framework
  • Product compliance to certifications and standards
  • Feasibility study, profitability study and final proposal preparation
  • Contact of local and international funding sources
  • Infrastructure construction and technology availability for the project
  • Personnel training
  • Engineering, production, logistics, rollout and positioning

4. Evaluation and Monitoring – Free of charge

  • Use of big data, AI and ICTs for a continuous improvement of the project and its products
  • Sustainability analysis of the life cycle of the biobusiness products

1. Identification

Resource identification and BioBusiness Pre-Design – Free of charge

2. Pre-Feasibility Study

Sustainable Pre-Feasibility Study and Planning

3. Development

Developing of the BioBusiness, launching and positioning

4. Evaluation

Evaluation and Monitoring – Free of charge