Bioeconomy Smart Products are based on a circular bioeconomy, i.e., they derive from renewable or recyclable raw materials, elements and ingredients that are part of waste and residue flows originating in the agri-food industry.

Initially, we are presenting our line of edible products. The line of non-edible products is under development and we will announce its official release when available.

Edible Products

Nutrient Rich:

Natural, local products with high nutritional value and delicious taste and rich in micro- and macronutrients.

Affordable Prices:

Affordable products for the consumer, equally rewarding to small and medium-size producers.

Food Security:

Our supply of ingredients come from the regions where we operate. They are responsibly grown without endangering the local supply of food of current and future generations. Their content contributes to dietary needs and preferences.

Climate Smart Production:

We collaborate with carbon-neutral suppliers, an aspect present in our entire value chain. Moreover, the comprehensive management of water, soil and energy resources is supported by the latest sustainable technologies.

Our products aimed for human consumption have been developed according to our mission and vision of a circular bioeconomy company. Furthermore, they satisfy the demands of a public much more aware of socio-environmental and health topics.

We use organic, sustainable and affordable ingredients to fulfill the expectations of a broad audience. These elements are combined and hand-crafted to create a flavor enjoyed by everyone without losing the benefits for human health. Additionally, given the residue-based production of our ingredients, the final product contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

RRR-Snacks: “Biocircular Snacks”

Cricket Powder Protein Bar

Visionaries with a sustainable focus bring to you the insect-based protein bar. Insects? Yes, you heard right. Insects! Our bar contains organic quinoa, high quality Ecuadorian cacao that brings the right amount of sweetness to our product and ground cricket powder.

Quinoa, Cacao and Guayusa Power Bar

We also have our power bar containing organic quinoa from the Andean region, fine aroma Ecuadorian cacao and Amazon-origin guayusa, which provides sustained energy due to its caffeine content.

Nutrition Bar

A bar with the perfect balance of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins is aimed at the Ecuadorian market with a socio-environmental vision in order to contribute to the food security of the at-risk populations of transient undernutrition and malnutrition. This bar is available in an insect powder version to increase its protein content.

Note: The above-mentioned products are currently on an evaluation phase to test the performance of their ingredients prior to their retail.

Datasheets: Special Functional Ingredients (Quinoa, Maqui, Cochayuyo, Guayusa)